see Sky Combat Ace is bucket list entry number one. Man, woman, boy or girl: it really doesn’t matter. Ask your cab driver to light the Blower, take a Bat-turn and get Three Down and Locked for landing at the SCA facility (that’s pilot lingo, for those not in the know). It’s time for the adventure of your life.

voyure villa Perhaps Las Vegas’ most unique offering of its kind, SCA is a truly extraordinary aviation experience, ramped up to a whole new level of adrenaline. At SCA, you’re not just a passenger on a joy ride. You are a steely-eyed fighter pilot at the controls of your very own “fighter jet,” pulling G’s and squeezing the trigger to “get the kill.”

source site It’s described by those who have experienced the thrill of this unique type of flight as dreamlike. Flying alongside one of your friends while they contribute to the chatter on the radio, watching them barrel roll over your own aircraft – the whole thing is very surreal. For good reason, it’s a five-star experience on all review sites available (Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.). Richard “Tex” Coe, the founder of Sky Combat Ace, has been piloting aircraft since 16 years of age, and is an Air Force veteran. While stationed in Italy, he partook in “incentive rides”, where he flew non-pilots in his F-16 Viper, to show that what it could do. His thought was repeatedly, “It’s a shame I can’t take my friends and family up to give them a taste of what extreme flying is all about.” Thus, the idea for Sky Combat Ace was born. Now, his FAA certified aerobatic planes are capable of more G’s than his F-16 Viper!

follow site Pilots at SCA are proud to have amassed a perfect safety record over the years. By hiring and training the best in the business, they make sure that every part of your experience is both safe and unforgettable. As they say in the business, “Fight’s On…” Sky Combat Ace offers Aerobatics, Air Combat, Extreme Sightseeing and Combination flight packages. For more information or to make reservations, call (888) 494-5850 or visit online at