source Oftentimes, navigating the dream world can be a strange and surreal experience. Dreams can seem otherworldly, reflective, or sometimes completely nonsensical, and they’re largely misunderstood, in terms of their purpose. Mystère, the wonderful and iconic show created by Cirque du Soleil, might feel very similar to a dream in this respect – like an exploration of the extraordinary and unusual. In fact, Mystère illuminates the idea that life itself is a mystery. Where the fantasy ends, however, is in the realization that the show has been running for over 20 years in Las Vegas, which is simply astounding.

follow link The show holds a special place in the hearts of those who have experienced her imagination, colors and astounding acrobatics over those long years. It’s become an almost-spiritual experience for some viewers. Known as the “flower in the desert”, Mystère is classic Cirque du Soleil in every sense of the word.

Celebrated worldwide as “the original must-see”, Mystère has recently added new thrills to the show, including a new version of its world-famous Teeterboard Act. Undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable moments in the show, the Teeterboard Act features new mind-blowing choreography that leaves audiences in awe, further upgrading the iconic act that debuted back in 1993. A new, shorter board was created, leading to higher and faster catapults (reaching heights of 20 feet) along with more powerful acrobatic sequences, faster paced choreography, and even includes new artists.

enter Since 1993, Mystère has been credited for raising the bar in Las Vegas entertainment through its fearless vision, courage and sheer invention in the sensory experience, along with music, imagery, humor, costumes and dance. The vivid sets which punctuate the colorful costumes and signature Cirque du Soleil acts such as the Taiko (Japanese drums), Chinese Poles, Hand-to-Hand balancing, Trapeze and Aerial Tissu, and Bungee acts are not to be missed. Mingling in the mystique is a cast of 75 artists from around the world, whose spectrum of characters include a mischievous Clown, an electrifying Red Bird and one jumbo-sized Baby.

follow link And now, guests can get an inside look at the world of Mystère as it reveals the astounding athleticism behind some of the world’s best acrobatic performers. Every Saturday (3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.) fans have the rare opportunity to observe cast members from the show as they rehearse for the evening’s performance. Guests will also receive an exclusive offer—two tickets for just $99—by presenting a special voucher from the open rehearsal at the box office. This experience is complimentary.

msn free online Mystère can be experienced Saturday through Wednesday at 7 and 9:30 p.m. Dark: Thursday, Friday. Tickets for Mystère start at $49.50, as part of Cirque’s fall deals. For more information or to reserve tickets, call (702) 894-7722 or visit or