The first zombie lumbers slowly into view. The world has been overrun, but you’re armed with a real suppressed MP5 submachine gun, as you stand in your firing lane. Boom, headshot, and it falls, but many more arrive, challenging your aim and awareness. The slight recoil and click-click-click of the MP5 reminds you that these live rounds don’t behave like a video game. Concentration is key. Taking a real reload into consideration is also critical. At Machine Guns Vegas, this is the new paper target – real computer simulations that actively engage, creating an incredibly fun and unique experience in Las Vegas.


source url This brand new experience at MGV’s world-class facility, dubbed MGV LIVE, has been hailed as a cutting-edge twist on the traditional firing range. Customers can fire live rounds at interactive targets within a technologically advanced video game that actively reacts to shots fired in a 100% bullet proof, custom-built mobile shooting range.

all nude cams MGV LIVE is a joint venture with Shooting Range Industries, LLC (SRI) which builds modular custom gun ranges out of recycled shipping containers for defense forces and law enforcement agencies around the world. SRI, in cooperation with MGV, have utilized MiLo Technologies — an interactive, scenario based firearms training platform, which incorporates video games, moving screen targets and scenarios for laser or live fire precision target practice, to create the ultimate live shooting experience for MGV guests. Previously only used by federal law enforcement and military forces for specialized training, MGV LIVE consists of two shooting lanes housed in a 360-degree, ballistically lined and repurposed mobile shipping container available to MGV guests, making it the first of its kind for commercial use in the United States. Guests can even compete against other players in competitive shooting!

nude female snapchat Each package option enables guests to shoot a firearm with laser or live ammo to detect accuracy. Guests can choose zombie apocalypse or steel target shooting with the Zombie Survival or Sniper Packages, play games like darts or shoot skeet against an opponent with Competition Packages, or train to be on a tactical task force with Spec Ops package options. MGV LIVE experiences start at $75 and several packages are available. For more information or to reserve a spot on the range, call (800) 75-SHOOT or visit online at