Machine Guns Vegas (MGV) has once again proven to be at the forefront of Las Vegas' premiere luxury firearms facilities. The new addition to their stellar lineup allows both first-time shooters and advanced firearms enthusiasts to shoot full auto/machine guns on the Strip, taking its shooting experiences outdoors just in time for cooler weather with MGV Outdoor. The joy of being in the great outdoors calls to many, and experiencing it fully armed is beyond joy – maybe elation! MGV offers five new premium outdoor packages, with experiences starting at only $199. MGV Outdoor shooting experiences promise all the thrills of the bevy of exotic firearms used in its luxury indoor facility, but in the vast yet secluded backdrop of the Mojave desert, available exclusively to MGV customers.

enter site With firearm options like the M203 Grenade Launcher, nothing stands in guests' way of making the sky light up with multiple interactive trainingrounds. Guests can make distance shots count with the exhilarating .308 Suppressed Sniper Rifle. Firearms enthusiasts will be delighted to know that all packages includes the use of tannerite, a binary interactive exploding target. Customers who book the outdoor excursions will be transported (complimentary) and provided with a private MGV Range Safety Officer.

omegle talk to strangers cam MGV Outdoor is available Thursday through Monday, with packages including such options as: $199 Outdoor package (Glock 17: 10 rounds, MP5: 25 rounds, M4: 25 rounds, 2 Cans of Tannerite), the $399 Outdoor Package (1911: 10 rounds,SAW: 40 rounds, MP5: 25 rounds, AK47: 25 rounds, 3 Cans of Tannerite), or even the $599 Outdoor Package (Desert Eagle: 7 rounds, Barrett .50 Cal: 5 rounds, M60: 60 rounds, M4: 50 rounds, AK47: 25 rounds, 4 Cans of Tannerite). There are several more packages available at all levels. To book your experience or to get more information, call (800) 75-SHOOT (757-4668).