KÀ by Cirque du Soleil might just be sensory perfection. The show, playing to its throngs of fans at the MGM Grand, combines the action and pacing of a Hollywood blockbuster, the magic of top-tier theatrical genius and ingenuity, and a heart-pounding score. It has been one of Las Vegas’ most popular and beloved production shows for some time, considering it has been a staple on the Strip for over 10 years.

Unlike its sister Cirque du Soleil productions on the Las Vegas Strip, KÀ features a central plot and characters that are both interesting and heroic. Around every turn, a relentless enemy hunts the central characters, known as the Twins, as they embark on an adventure to fulfill their destinies. At its core, the story is a beautiful manifestation of the eternal struggle between love and conflict.

The centerpiece of this high-flying adventure is, far and away, the 360-degree rotating stage, known as the Sand Cliff Deck, which forms the backdrop for this incredible cinematic journey. Seeing the stage for the first time in action (and in the third dimension) is truly awe-inspiring. As the show unfolds, guests quickly realize that the cast of characters, choreography, music and special effects are equally as breathtaking.

Featuring some of the most innovative and gravity-defying feats ever performed, KÀ also showcases performers who spin through the air in a captivating display of perpendicular acrobatics and aerial adventure. Set in a custom environment that cost $165 million dollars to create, the KÀ Theatre was built with the intention of imitating a Cathedral setting, grand in size, with illuminated stained glass.

One of the most spectacular aspects of KÀ is the Wheel of Death sequence, which takes place on the Sand Cliff Deck. In this sequence, two independent sets of circular cages rotate around a common axle and are manipulated and controlled by the artists inside. The incredible set weighs 10,000 pounds. The Sand Cliff Deck fires 80 steel pegs used as acrobatic handholds by performers, while cleverly creating the illusion that arrows are striking the backdrop.

The KÀ Theatre Spectacular is another fan-favorite aspect of the show that guests shouldn’t miss. It is a free open house highlighting KÀ’s impressive work, inspiration and unprecedented technology. Take a moment to look deeper into the world of KÀ! Open house is held every Tuesday at 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

KÀ is an awe-inspiring example of the possibilities that are available in theatrical production when the imagination is deep and the vision is clear. This Cirque du Soleil spectacular is performed Saturday through Wednesday at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $55 (summer offer through 9/30), $69, $99, $150, $180, plus tax and fee. For more information, call (702) 531-3826 or visit online at cirquedusoleil.com/ka.