adult webcam fun The dream of human flight, for most of us, is a permanent fixture in our collective imagination. The mere thought of flying can unleash a daydream montage that’s difficult to quantify. As flightless mammals, maybe it gives us a sense of power in experiencing something we’re not equipped to – a sense of doing the impossible, allowing us to surpass the boundaries of everyday life.

source site Vegas Indoor Skydiving offers this exact experience to thrill seekers visiting Las Vegas, and no plane or parachute is necessary. It’s America's first indoor skydiving facility, built back in 1982. Here, guests earn their wings and experience body flight during a simulated skydive experience, located in the heart of the Strip. The experience is similar to skydiving with the addition of a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls. Guests are able to simulate the free-fall aspect of skydiving without the use of an airplane or parachute. The Vertical Wind Tunnel inside Vegas Indoor Skydiving produces enough momentous upward wind force to support the weight of any average adult. Each flyer must attend a brief training class. On the way upstairs, you might even see a Chuck Norris motivational poster to pump you up accordingly. After watching a short video, the instructor teaches each flyer proper body position and flight technique, the hand signals used in the wind tunnel, and will discuss any safety concerns. The instructor then helps each guest to suit up in a specialized flight suit, complete with earplugs, goggles and a helmet. Once the equipment is all properly prepared, the instructor leads the group into the wind tunnel and you’re ready to fly. The entire experience takes about an hour. To say the least, the experience is divine. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to see how easily the instructors fly through the air, when compared to how challenging it can be to execute expert moves from the start. With practice, however, anyone can fly through the air. Vegas Indoor Skydiving will undoubtedly become a highpoint of your Las Vegas Strip experience.

voyure cams Vegas Indoor Skydiving strives to provide a safe and memorable indoor skydiving experience to Las Vegas’ visitors, understanding that everyone learns and grows at different rates. Both experienced jumpers and novices are welcome. Vegas Indoor adapts to the ability of the flyer and encourages their development by sharing a genuine love and knowledge of flight. Just remember to pay attention to your instructor. Keep a stable body position. Float. Stick to these ideas and you’ll do just fine. Having Chuck Norris’ badass nature in mind doesn’t hurt, either.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving is open daily from 9:45 a.m. to 8 p.m. Single flight tickets are available for $75, with repeat flights on the same day available for $50 each. A 15-minute block for up to five participants is available for $325, 30 minute blocks for up to 10 participants are available for $550 and hour-long blocks for up to 20 participants are available for $1,000. Las Vegas locals can fly for just $50 and military discounts are available with military ID. Event packages are also available. Call (877) LUV-2FLY or visit online at for more information.