Darkness Falls on Zombie City

stories of sex slave For a staggering 15 years, Fright Dome at Circus Circus has reigned supreme as one of the premier Halloween horror attractions in the United States. Owner Jason Egan has consistently worked with some of the biggest and most talented names in the genre, bringing his astounding, scream-filled theme park to life. This season is no different.

Egan is treating fans to the largest haunted house in the event’s tenure, appropriately named “Zombie City”. For the inaugural launch of the acclaimed haunted attraction in 2003, Egan and his team began implementing zombies into scare zones and haunted houses. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event in 2012, Egan teamed up with the late godfather of horror George A. Romero to infuse a new level of zombie-themed scares. Now just a mere five years later, Egan and his team honor the teachings of their idol with more than 15,000 square feet of zombie metropolis. Guests are hunted as they make their way through the immersive and terrifying virus-filled city of the dead, featuring six haunted houses, multiple scare zones, thrill rides in the dark, and more.

cam4 4 Known for its dark-twist on Christmas and all things Krampus-lore in years past, the 2017 season takes on a variety of festive holidays in its innovative new “Happy Hell-idays” house. Something wicked lurks within as Egan and his team of experts bring to life the most dreadful of celebrations, including Valentine’s Day, St Patrick's Day and more. From the bloodstained teeth of the Easter bunny to a Thanksgiving feast where guests may become the main course, this creative addition to the Fright Dome lineup is guaranteed to test even the bravest of festive souls.

source url Equally as exciting, and available exclusively to guests upgrading to Fast Pass or a VIP tour this season, is the new isolation-style haunted house “Lights Out”. Upon entering the attraction, guests will immediately be divided from their group and be handed an old flashlight to aid them as they wander through the darkness alone. Separated from everything and everyone, guests must rely on their flashlight to illuminate the dreadful inhabitants lurking around every corner.

go site What’s more, making their return to commemorate 15 years of terrifying mazes are fan-favorite houses “Chainsaw Massacre” and “Killer Clowns in 4D”. Lastly, another original creation from Egan’s all-star team, “HEX” will make its debut for the 2017 event.

Fright Dome is open select nights from 7 p.m. to midnight, September 29th through October 31st. General admission tickets are $37.95, with additional fast pass upgrades starting at $20 allowing express line entry for all six haunted houses. Updates on Fright Dome are available by calling (702) 794-3939 or visiting online at frightdome.com.