3770 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas 89109

(702) 730-6888
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Yusho came about as an expression of love for the hustle and bustle Chef Matthias Merges found while travelling in Tokyo’s fish markets. Fresh ingredients from the land and sea are prepared over a hot binchotan—a Japanese grill that burns so hot that ingredients are given a crispy outer skin and flavors in all their richness sealed inside.

Yusho combines that very Japanese method of cooking with favorite food ideas from all around the world. Served with a healthy dose of the big, bold flavors Las Vegas is known for—rich meats, the crispest, freshest vegetables, spices purveyed from neighborhood vendors — Yusho’s food comes to you thoughtfully presented on small plates to share in a warm, colorful, happy room full of art and life.


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